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Online quantitative research, made easy. Learn more about your market, measure brand metrics, test your ideas and optimise your innovations.


Consumer research that powers better decisions.

Great decisions are supported by data and insights. Research helps us test assumptions, reduce biases, avoid costly errors, and guide us forward as find growth for our businesses and brands.

We’ve made it easy to tap directly into your target market to answer key questions, without needing to be an expert in questionnaire design or data analysis. We’ll help you you from start-to-finish.

Conduct research in Australia, NZ, UK, US or Canada

Semi-standardised or custom research available

Access to over 2 million consumer / buyer respondents

Up to 40% more affordable than alternatives*

*Based on pricing comparisons for concept testing and brand health research conducted in Australia or overseas (n=5).


Experienced researchers, marketers and innovators.
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Adam has 18 years’ marketing, brand-building and innovation experience working with some of the world’s largest FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) companies as well as building and advising startups. He has been involved in >130 innovative ventures, generating $500M+ in lifetime revenue.

Eddy is a data scientist, seasoned market researcher and insights specialist of more than 15 years. He’s held senior and executive roles in several tier-1 multinational research agencies, is a statistical whiz, and is the subject matter expert when it comes to bespoke research design and advanced analytics.

Alana is a research planner and former field supervisor of 6 years for one of Australia’s leading market research companies. She has a passion for creativity and new product development in health, food & beverage spaces and possesses an attention to detail that is second-to-none.


Send us a brief and we'll be in touch.


Complete the simple online briefing form. You'll choose the research type that best reflects what you need and provide some additional information.


Once we've received your brief, we'll be in touch to clarify any key points prior to designing your questionnaire. We'll also let you know what materials we may need.


We'll then design your questionnaire, prepare and pre-test the survey on the platform, conduct research, analyse the data, prepare the results and send you your report.



I want to evaluate the strength of different high-level ideas


I want to strengthen and fine-tune a new product or service


I want to assess the health of my brand and unlock growth


I want to build knowledge about a new space


I have specific research goals / I am unsure what I need


These are our basic starting prices in $AUD, however each project will be costed on an individual basis.

For Custom Research prices, please contact us via the briefing form.

Idea Screener

Assess the strength of different ideas
$ 2500 to test up to 3 ideas
  • 100 target respondents for each idea
  • 8 KPIs & 3 Qualitative Questions
  • Results within 5-7 business days*

Innovation Optimiser

New product/service optimisation
$ 3500 per comprehensive concept test
  • 200+ target respondents
  • 25+ KPIs & 'Most Valuable Buyer' Profile
  • Results within 7-10 business days*

Brand Builder

Assess brand health & growth opportunities
$ 4000 per brand assessment
  • 300+ target respondents #
  • Brand Advantage & Barriers
  • Results within 7-10 business days*

Category Analyser

Build knowledge about a new space
$ 3500 top-line category analysis
  • 200+ target respondents
  • Buyer, Usage and Attitude
  • Results within 7-10 business days*

All prices shown are ‘starting from’ prices, and are influenced by survey length, complexity, sample sizes (respondent numbers), respondent ages and locations, and whether a results debrief workshop is required.
*Lead-times may vary. #Brand-Builder sample size will be influenced by client brief and size of the brand. Total test costs and lead-time for each project will be advised prior to payment.


Can’t find what you’re after? Still have questions? Want to discuss a custom piece of research?

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